Planning your wedding stationery

Planning your wedding stationery

Date posted: 10th December 2013

Planning your stationery is a big part of your wedding but with so much choice out there, where do you start?

Where to begin

Here at The Card Gallery, our advice would be to start shopping around early and ordering samples. A lot of companies offer this service free, others will charge a small fee. Samples allow you to see and feel the quality of the products in real life and are a great way to work out what best suits your budget. Another point to consider is ‘do they do a range of other matching stationery so you can follow your theme through?’. Items to consider looking for would be order of services, table plans, table numbers and place cards as you will need all of these extra bits at a later date.

Save the date cards

Save the date cards may be the first things you buy for your forthcoming wedding. Save the date cards are usually sent out around a year in advance and are particularly useful if you are getting married around a busy holiday period. Save the date cards can also give your guests an insight to the theme of your wedding so think carefully before rushing in and making a purchase. If you want to send out your cards but can’t decide on a colour scheme at this point then choose something neutral, you can always purchase your invitations to match your scheme later on down the line.

Wedding Invitations

If you haven't already sent save the date cards then your wedding and evening invitations may be the first snippet of your wedding your guests will see. As well as choosing a beautiful design that is perfect for your big day you must also look at all the different ways you can word your invites depending upon your circumstances – research ‘wedding invitations wording etiquette’.  Your invitations should be sent out around 3 – 6 months in advance, thus allowing for your guests to RSVP and for you to inform your venue of catering numbers (your venue will normally set a deadline for this). It is also wise to order a few extra invitations when you purchase your invites allowing you to send any last minute ones out to ‘people you’d forgot’ or ‘people you want to invite in place of the guests that can’t make it’ – it’s not a nice way of putting it but they will never know!


RSVP's are a very important part of planning your big day. You can’t go ahead and plan seating arrangements and catering until numbers have been confirmed. There are two ways you can manage your RSVP’s. Firstly you can enclose a separate RSVP card inside your invitations for guests to easily fill in and post back to you or you can include your RSVP details on the left hand side of your invitation, including information like your address or phone number or e-mail address or all three, but don’t forget to include a date by which they need to reply!

Ceremony & Reception Stationery

All good wedding stationery suppliers should be able to provide you with matching order of services, table plans, table numbers, place cards, menus, favour boxes, guest books, post boxes and cake boxes so make sure you’ve chosen a stationery supplier that does just that. Buying all of these items can add up so make sure you’ve budgeted for them from the start. Shopping around and ordering from different stationery suppliers can become a bit of a headache, as it will be very difficult to find matching items resulting in a mish mash of colours and styles that won’t look great when put together. Also the ordering of some of stationery can be fairly last minute. You can’t get a table plan printed if you’re still waiting for your Great Auntie Mabel to confirm whether she’s coming or not! This is when the bride becomes stressed and glad that they’ve worked with a good stationery company throughout their planning period that understands their situation.

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards come in a wide range of different shapes and styles but quite often brides will opt for the design to match their other stationery. If you are doing this then you could plan ahead and get your thank you cards printed before your wedding day, thus saving time if you’re going away on honeymoon shortly after. Another popular choice is a thank you card printed with one of your favourite wedding photos on the front (use your own photo thank you cards). These double up as a great keepsake as well as doing the main job of saying ‘thank you’.

Our advice would be

  • Start shopping around early.
  • Order samples to compare quality and value for money.
  • Look at what other matching stationery you can get from that supplier.
  • Work out in advance the cost of your wedding stationery for ‘before the day’ ‘ceremony & reception’ and ‘after the day’.
  • Look into dispatch times, most of your stationery will be printed to order so you must allow for this.
  • Finally don’t get stressed! If in doubt ring your stationery supplier, they will usually offer good help & advice if you’re unsure about anything.

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